Covered Nation apparels are not restricted to just Muslimah. We design for ladies who knows that you don't have to bare to be beautiful too! 
With our three different personalities, you can expect a diverse range in our collections because at Covered Nation, we’ve got you covered!

One graduation and many years later, the three of us are (still) stuck together. You can say that we’re three crazy clueless people trying to make a change in our wardrobe and in your life.
Our process and thoughts from the conception to production are attuned through the teachings at Architecture School.
Covered Nation collections are not necessarily towards the direction of architecture but you'll be able to see architecture through our collections.
We would also like to thank you in advance for supporting us through your purchase.


Creative Design and everything else 
Quiet, attentive and a good listener, Aqilah lives to eat. Not to mention, she's also delusional.
To be fed on time and never take her food. Always prepare dessert. Especially during meetings and/or discussion, her food swing will just take you by surprise.
PR, Marketing and Customer Service
Born and raised in Johor (fine, North West Singapore, but still...), she is the face of Covered Nation. 
The most nit picky one out of the three, she loves the Juju dance and despises meat. You can be assured to get the best from us through her strict inner QC-ocd.
Graphic, IT and Finance
Self-taught by the Google guru, Filzah works her magic best with her trusted computer and of course, internet connection.
Despite being the girl who wakes up looking forward to naps, she'll attend to your queries accurately even with one eye opened.